Triad Green Building Council Launches Website

Category: Green Building     Author: Scott Allred     Posted: Wednesday - September 24, 2014

Consumer demand for energy efficient, green homes continues to grow.   In response, the Greensboro Builders Association last year formed the Triad Green Building Council affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Program, giving Association members a framework for building green and home buyers the reassurance that their house is being built in an “authentically green” certification program.

The Triad Green Building Council is comprised of building industry professionals committed to the construction of sustainable quality-built homes.    As homeowners look for contractors, suppliers and real estate professionals who are qualified to provide green building services, the Triad Green Building Council provides a tremendous resource for area consumers and industry professionals. 

In an effort to provide information on green building techniques, products and services, the council recently launched its website…   Below are some key features of the new website and how to use it as a resource for green building.

What is Green Building

Home builders and home buyers across the country are increasingly interested in green building.  Many local builders are incorporating elements of green building into their current practices.  This section of the website provides general information on Green Building Features along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding green building and the certification of homes.

Certification of Homes

As builders and homeowners come to understand the best practices involved in constructing and occupying a green home, having the home inspected by a third party verifier is critical for homebuyer assurance and required for certification under the NAHB Green program. 

Homes that are built in accordance with the NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines or the National Green Building Standard include:

  • Energy Efficiency: appliances, insulation, windows and heating systems are designed to work together – and to lower your utility bills

  • Water Efficiency and Conservation: a green home is designed to conserve water – inside and out

  • Resource Efficiency: recycled materials, waste management and durable construction

  • Indoor Environmental Quality: managing moisture and ventilation can help homeowners live and breathe in a more comfortable indoor living environment

  • Lot & Site Development: careful planning can reduce a new home’s impact on vegetation, soil and water, while enhancing its long-term performance

  • Operation, Maintenance and Homeowner Education: knowing how to optimally operate and maintain your green home is as critical as getting it built right

Green Home Gallery

Under the Green Home Gallery, you will find photographs of NAHB Certified GREEN homes that are located in the Triad, with a general description of the green features incorporated in the construction of the home along with contact information for the builder.   Check it out…and see what GREEN looks like…as you will see a variety of home styles and sizes. 

Living Green

There are numerous ways to incorporate green building features into your home...from simple remodeling building green. Improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality are critical elements that most homeowners strive to achieve in their green remodel or new home.  This section provides home owners with tips for incorporating green features into your home.

Educational Programs

Education for members and consumers is one of the primary goals of the Triad Green Building Council. As green building moves into the mainstream, education is the key to furthering that process. The Triad Green Building Council as well as the NAHB National Green Building Program offers numerous opportunities throughout the year for education and continued learning for builders and building professionals at all levels.

Additionally, our members are available to speak at consumer workshops, tradeshows, civic groups and other public events to provide education for consumers and to promote green building in the Triad.   Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation.

Council Membership

As consumers and industry professionals look for green building resources, a directory of all Triad Green Building Council members is provided with contact information including a link to the member’s website and/or email address.  

In addition there is a directory of Certified Green Professionals (CGP) who have earned this NAHB designation by taking 24+ hours of class instruction in green building along with annual continuing education.

Green Building Resources

Our Building Green Partners are profiled throughout the website. Other resources include links to websites and articles of interest; a calendar of events along with current Council News.     There is also a Contact Us section for questions or requests for additional information.  
As the Triad Green Building Council continues to grow and expand, we anticipate our website to do the same.  If there is information that you would like to see incorporated, please share with us…as our goal is to serve as an educational resource for anyone interested in building, buying, remodeling or simply incorporating green features into their homes.

Visit us at

Scott Allred is chairman of the Triad Green Building Council and the owner of Precept Construction. He can be reached at or 286-6811. For additional resources on green building, visit

The Triad Green Building Council serves members of the Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem and Burlington Home Builders Associations that are interested in learning more about green building techniques, products and services.

The council meets monthly with an educational program as the primary focus. Additional seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year for industry professionals and consumers. To find out more about the Triad Green Building Council, contact the Greensboro Builders Association at 855-6255 or visit